Welcome to the Furious Steals manual. We try to keep it short and simple, because really there isn't that much to go over. The page is divided into three sections:

Playing the Game
Server Options
Known Issues

Please take the time to read over everything so you can get the most out of the game. That's all for now, enjoy!


Ok, so before you start playing you're going to want to set the game up how you like it. Any menus that have 'FS' in their title have options specific to Furious Steals - we did this as a bit of an indication on where you can find everything.

Game Options

[Main Menu -> Options -> FS Game]

These are mostly performance related options that you can turn off if you have trouble running the game. Here's the rundown on what they all do:
  • Boost Streak Effect
    Toggles the white streaks that happen on the screen when boosting.
  • Minimap Style
    Changes how the minimap is displayed. 'Full' draws the map in realtime, 'Minimal' only draws important game icons and will probably save you a lot of framerate, and 'None' disables the minimap entirely.
    If you're running Furious Steals in openGL or software mode, there's a chance that 'Full' minimap mode won't work for you.
  • Rear View Mirror
    Turns the rearview mirror on and off. Turning it off will again help your framerate a good deal. If you're running in openGL or software mode, you will probably have issues with it.
  • Wheel Dust Effects
    Turn this off to get a good boost in framerate, but you'll miss out on all the cool dust effects and tiretracks.
  • Speedometer
    Turning this off will hide the speedo from the bottom right of the screen. We thought about allowing a mph setting, but we're proud Australians and the imperial system is very stupid. So KM/h only, sorry Americans :D
  • Karma Particles
    Switching this off will hide particle effects created by colliding with interactive physics objects. Saves you some frames, but doesn't look cool.
  • Vehicle Impact Effects
    The same again, but this will hide the particle effects generated by collisions with the vehicle chassis.


[Main Menu -> Options -> FS Input -> Configure Controls]

The controls in Furious Steals are designed to be very simple and straightforward to use. Forget your mouse, you can put it away because you won't be needing it.

Action Default Key What it Does
Forward Up Drive Forwards
Backward Down Reverse
Turn Left Left Steer Left
Turn Right Right Steer Right
Handbrake Space Locks up the front wheels and lets you perform powerslides and tight turns
Boost Shift Increases engine power exponentially, allowing you to accelerate to insane speeds
Horn Z or LMouse Goes 'beep'. This is also the button you press to start the game, skip menus etc
Rear View Ctrl Hold this down to properly see what's behind you
Reset Enter Stuck? Press this to have your car put back on its wheels in a safe place
Zoom View In PgUp Zoom the camera in closer to the car - Go all the way in to drive in first-person view
Zoom View Out PgDown Zoom the camera further away from the car
Vehicle Select Menu M Brings up a midgame menu to change your car, however this won't take effect until the next time you die

Playing the Game


In general, Furious Steals is about crashing into the other players and getting from A to B. Most often, you'll be competing for posession of an object which can only be obtained by ramming the player holding it.

Furious Steals, the HUD

The HUD contains various widgets that will help you on your quest for shiny material objects. At the top left, you have your standard game timer, followed by rank and score indicators. The orange arrow in the center of the screen always points to your objective, so when in doubt you can always follow it. Your rearview mirror is after that, and below it is a miniature scoreboard that tells you where you stand.

The guages you will use most often are at the bottom of the screen. On the right sits your speedometer, boost guage and health bar. Health is represented by bolts that fall off - each bolt represents 10% health. In the middle of the screen is the round timer (not pictured) when playing Furious Bomb, and at the left you have the minimap.

The Minimap

That's it as far as the game is concerned. You'll be driving three vehicles, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

The Rice
The Rice is the easiest car for beginners. It is very fast, but suffers from poor manouverability and strength. It also doesn't dish out that much damage when colliding with other vehicles.

The Jeep
The Jeep is the middleground between the Rice and the Van. It has medium health and speed, and excellent handling.

The Van
You don't want to mess with the Van unless you know what you're doing. It has a lot of health, and does a lot of damage. However this is compromised by a low top speed, although it has a powerful boost that will allow it to catch up with the faster vehicles. It's handling is the real kicker, though. Leans around corners, and don't even try boosting while you're turning.

Your vehicle is weighed down by whatever it is carrying, and will consequently move slower, so watch out! Now a bit about the different gametypes.


Gold is pretty much the main gametype (although we usually like playing bomb better). The idea is to pick up the gold and bring it to the hideout to score points. Sounds simple, doesnt it? Here are some pointers:
  • Don't try and drive straight through the hideout. That's a n00b mistake. Our hideouts are solid objects - if you want the points, you'll have to manouver through the red doorways to earn them.
  • There's other ways to earn points. You get 10 points for returning the gold to a hideout, 2 points for stealing the gold off another player, and 1 point for every 10 seconds you hold onto it.
  • Some hideouts will spawn facing a random direction each time, so be ready for them.


Bomb is very exciting. Every round, the losing player will be given a bomb attached to the roof of their vehicle. This bomb will begin a countdown to zero, after which it will explode and take whoever is carrying it with it.

Players receive points for holding and stealing the bomb. More time with the bomb means more points toward your score. But these points are not final. They are held temporarily for each round, and if you are the unlucky player who explodes at the end, you lose them all! Here's some pointers:
  • Check the scoreboard regularly. It takes round points into account, so you can work out at a glance who has the most to gain by winning the round.
  • The bomb will get lighter as the round goes on. Towards the end, the player holding the gold will actually be able to travel much faster than anybody else.
  • You will recieve more points as the round goes on. This ranges from 1 point at the start of the round to 10 points at the very end. Weigh the risk with the reward accordingly!
  • If you are killed by someone else when holding the bomb, you will lose half your points for that round.
  • Suiciding while holding the bomb (either by typing 'suicide' or driving into a wall) will take away all your round points. You lame ass.
  • If the player holding the bomb is killed during a round, the bomb will fall to the ground and then shift to the winning player after a short time.


A very simple gametype, rabbit is just tag like you might have played in Tribes or any other number of games. The player who holds the gold gradually gets points, and everyone tries to take it away from them. The end!

Server Options

Being a server allows you to customise most of what will happen in your game. Players wanting to join can see all these details in their serverbrowser, too.

General Options

[Furious Options tab]
  • Disable Boost
    Turning this off will make a game where nobody can use their boost.
  • Disable Damage
    Impact damage is turned off, so you can pretty much drive around forever.
  • Flip Recovery
    If this is on, cars that are overturned will automatically flip back onto their wheels after a short delay. If turned off, players will have to press their reset key and do a hard reset.
  • Disable Physics Objects
    Physics objects can be really heavy on your connection and can make the game fairly laggy. You can disable them entirely with this checkbox if you must.
  • Physics Object Rest Time
    This is the number of seconds after a physics object has come to rest (ie people have stopped smashing it) that it will delay for before resetting to its intial position. The lower you set this, the sooner physics objects will reset and the more network bandwith you will save.

Vehicle Options

[Furious Vehicles tab]

Basically this menu works like the UT2004 mutator menu. Click the vehicle names to see a description of them. You can drag them between the 'disabled' and 'active' panels to choose which vehicles players will be able to select during a match. So if you want to keep things totally fair, you can restrict your game to a single vehicle. Or something.

Bomb-Specific Options

[Furious Options tab]

These options will only show up if you have selected the Furious Bomb gametype.
  • Round Time
    Time (in seconds) that each round will go for.
  • Rest Time
    Time (in seconds) between rounds.
  • Minimum Players
    Minimum players that must be present in the game before rounds will start.

Known Issues

  • When playing Furious Bomb, players who join during a round will have an incorrect round time displayed on their HUD. This problem fixes itself at the begginning of the next round.
  • The vehicle selection screen will sometimes not display anything when you join a game. If this occurs, simply close and re-open it.
  • You may encounter some lag as more people join a game. You could try turning various detail levels down, but as of yet we haven't been able to pinpoint the problem. Send us bugreports, and we'll get there!

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