Do you remember the good old days when racing games were about getting from A to B with as much speed and destruction as possible inbetween? Where you could jump in and play without needing to spend hours setting up your tyres, spoilers and decals?

Well, we do. That's why we created Furious Steals - a game where smashing into your enemies is just as important as making it to the goal!

Game Modes

If you've ever played multiplayer Midtown Madness then you'll know all about this one. Steal the gold from your rivals and be the one to take it to the hideout to win points!

A new gametype, bomb is played in rounds with a big explosion at the end! Hold the bomb to gain points, but take care not to be the sucker left holding it when the time runs out or you'll lose everything from the round!

Stealing at its most basic level - a non-stop game of tag where you gain points for holding onto the gold for as long as possible!


  • Dynamic environments - full physical interaction with moveable and destructible objects allows for surprise situations and traps.
  • Explosive surface dependent effects - sparks fly, dust is churned, the ground tears up and tyres leave their mark behind.
  • Arcade physics - vehicles that have been optimally configured for speed and drift allow you to pull off smooth handbrake turns and powerslides.
  • Reactive handling - areas of slippery ice and boggy grass really effect the handling of your car.
  • Huge, open environments - drive freely around giant cityscapes in checkpoint based races.
  • Unique HUD - useful display gives you a rear-view mirror and real-time minimap to optimally plan your attack.
  • Highly customisable - Furious Steals gives servers the power to set up their game how they like, by changing the allowed vehicle types and configuring many other options such as physics objects and instant-reset for flipped players.
  • Accessible controls - simple keyboard controls allow anyone to pick up the game and play instantly, without worrying about rebinding several pages of buttons.
  • Collisions, and lots of them!

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